Our Process

Each Pair is Individually Hand Crafted

Butterfly jeans weave the past with the present, drawing upon an ancient cultural tradition to create flattering modern designs. Our designer first creates a multi-dimensional mock-up, and plans the design on paper. Next, she transfers the design to maple and birch block templates, which she uses to hand print each pair of jeans using a textile dyeing process from 6th and 7th century China called JiaXie. Each day in Nevada City, California, a maximum of six fresh, hot, sexy jeans bloom into being each day through this process.

Made to Last

Our focus is on longevity – not fleeting trends. Because our jeans are hand dyed, no two pairs are exactly alike. We appreciate their individuality. Each garment is washed multiple times before we pass it on to you, but fade and individual quirks will become more apparent with each washing, staying true to our Wabi-sabi philosophy. With time and age, our customers will be rewarded with a pair of jeans that is quite unique.

We Love the Earth

The desire for cheap, mass-produced goods, destructive dyeing practices, and waste water mismanagement have caused the garment industry to become one of the environment’s biggest polluters. At Butterfly, we believe in sustainable practices, and do everything we can to minimize harm to our environment.