About Eileen Kennedy

Butterfly Artifact director Eileen Kennedy is a production artist and designer fascinated with shape, pattern, rhythm, and semiotics. She has worked for over twenty years in the fields of furniture, interior and product design.

After earning an art degree from Skidmore College in 1995, Eileen went on to complete a two-year furniture design program at renowned Parnham College. Her furniture has been featured in multiple local and international publications, including Designboom’s Premio Vinco Magistretti. The New York Times highlighted the emotive quality of Eileen’s work at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in an article about furniture that offers comfort to consumers. Eileen’s accomplishments in woodworking extend beyond furniture -- she is especially proud of the “California Landscape” collection of wooden cheeseboards that she created for Cowgirl Creamery.

An interest in Chinese culture led Eileen to the wood block dyeing technique she used to launch Butterfly. As she quickly realized the environment harm dyeing causes, she redirected her creative energy to a different kind of decorative process -- the tufted details that are now a signature feature of Butterfly Artifact.