2020 Collection

Each year, we produce a new collection of signature jeans. For 2020, choose from three styles: Brigid, Jennifer, and Sonia. All three can be worn casual or dressed up and are true waist, updated skinny fit, four-pocket jeans made from top quality, hand selected denim.


Brigid, our WATERWISE option is made from natural, unbleached and undyed Cone denim. If you are an ECO conscious shopper, look no further.

Garment dye from small and large apparel companies is one of the most polluting processes to waterways around the world. Butterfly is moving away from hand dyeing in order to protect these waterways. Brigid jeans, named after the Celtic goddess of creativity, are manufactured from undyed and unbleached Cone denim and feature an argyle pattern of cut diamonds between the knee and ankle on the front and back of the leg. Subtle, feminine, ECO-friendly.



Jennifer is a beige/tan/khaki pant made with a 4-way stretch twill. Jennifer's a rich character and decorative fibers adorn both the front and back of the calf and thigh. Soft, flocculant fibers add interest, and give a feminine twist to a classic, casual pant.



Sonia, is our jet black night time beauty, sexy. Sonia is a super stretchy denim tuxedo pant with rosette style details that emit delicate tentacles of threads to decorate the outside of the leg. These lofted apertures soften and disrupt the outline of the leg, blurring the distinction between the a woman’s shape and the space she inhabits.


"They feel like Wranglers..."-- McKenna    "These are the nicest fitting and best feeling jeans I've ever worn."-- Sarah M.

Do not delay your purchase -- once we sell out, they are gone until our next collection debuts. We will not roll over last year’s designs unless the market demands it.